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General terms and conditions of trade

These terms and conditions shall apply to all future transactions, unless otherwise agreed. Shopping conditions of the buyer is hereby rejected. 

Offer and Closing 
All offers are subject to change. Orders are considered to be adopted if they are in writing by the seller / by e-mail have been confirmed. 

Cancellation goods after the withdrawal distance seeded 
We guarantee full right of return within 30 days. The condition is returning the undamaged goods and drilled in the original packaging. Excluded are Intimartikel, underwear, in customer order prepared or modified parts. 

Delivery and delivery deadline Higher 
Violence and unforeseen obstacles, such as for example Operating disorders, self delays in the procurement, or the transportation, or other delays unencumbered require a reasonable extension of time for delivery, and even if they are not the sellers themselves, but with its suppliers to occur. The customer can because of the delays are caused no damage claims. 

Payment and shipping. 
It is only 100% paid goods shipped. Shipment of the product is done within 3 working days after the receipt of payment, unless otherwise agreed. Accepted payment Smet Oden: bank transfer, paypal, moneybookers, cash. 

Special features in order of unique / individual makings 
With the appointment of a unicum delivery is no entitlement, as this article in the meantime, stock can be. We try to sell articles from the fastest possible offer to remove them. If the customers of a contract to produce a particular item, it can be excluded from the exchange. 

Prices and incidental expenses 
The prices, unless otherwise agreed in euros, plus a flat-rate shipping costs. The currently shipping can kind in the order on the website. 

Defects and warranty 
All obvious and / or perceived shortcomings, false or wrong deliveries are due no later than 8 days, but in any case before any agreement or resale, in writing. Small commercial or technically unavoidable differences in the quality, color, Size, the weight etc. should not be criticized. In case of justified complaints, as chosen by the seller, replacement or payment of the invoice amount for defective items. 

General Liability Limit 
The liability of the seller is only established in the previous sections agreements. Claims for damages from the buyer's fault when signing the contract, breach of contractual obligations and tort are excluded, unless they are based on gross negligence by the seller. When knowingly breach contractual obligations of the seller is liable even for ordinary negligence, in this case its liability is limited to the replacement of typical and predictable Sch? . These claims barred six months after the receipt by the Customer. 

The place of performance and jurisdiction 
The place of performance for all services and jurisdiction for any disputes arising from the business relationship is Hamburg. These Terms and Conditions apply only within the Federal Republic of Germany. Shipments abroad are treated separately, which includes the calculation of shipping costs.